31 Days of Halloween: Why I can't have cheap but nice things.

 Anyone who has a cat knows that no matter how nice and sweet they are, they can cause havoc and Kara has the nickname of Hell Cat from my friends (not me) so you can guess I have more issues lol.
 So I love those cheap $1 Door/wall covers. They are cheap and great. Many are impressively good with the art. I loved putting them up to make my house spooky and cover the walls. Only one little problem:
These are from years ago but still show the problem: Kara loves taking them down!
Also I catch her doing this from time to tie, she loves to climb (good thing I don't have normal size Christmas Trees).
That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. You need to get a spy bottle or a little squirtgun and and train her not to do that stuff ,I know it sounds mean but you cant have her destroying your stuff her entire life. I've trained many cats this way and it it very effective. Also unlike the way my grandparents trained their cats ( BAD KITTY GETS NOSE THUMPYS ) it's not really harmful. here is a good guide https://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Spray-Bottle-on-a-Cat-for-Training also you can try spraying vinager in the areas you would rather she not be , it non harmful but cats just dont like the smell.

    1. I used the spray method to get her to stop peeing (as well lock her up in her cage) but never thought of using it for this. Also never knew about vinegar! Thank you for information!


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