31 Days of Halloween: Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom

 Awhile back ago I found some older My Little Pony sets at Family Dollar, I sadly only had enough for one but I am pretty happy with my decision!
  As you can see it was blister packaged and came with just the two unarticulated ponies!
  Apple Bloom is the bride of Frankenstein!
 Look at the detail. She even has stitches all over her body! I do not like her bow though as it looks like wings coming out of her skull!
 Sweetie Belle is my favorite of the two! She is Dracula.
 As a plus, her cape comes off so she can also look like her "normal" version. Overall I love this set and wish I had more and if you ever come across these and like My Little Pony, i would recommend them!

  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!