31 Days of Halloween: Skeletor Update

 This has become a tradition for this event it seems, so for the third year in a row, lets take a look at Skeletor!
 First up is my vintage "Dragon Blaster Skeletor". I had this guy as a kid and am happy he's in my collection. This is the only vintage Skeletor that I own.
 "Battle Sound Skeletor" is my only 200X Skeletor that I own currently. The 200X MYP series was by far my favorite (sorry Filmation).
 Skeletor from Classics is my only Classics Skeletor since I traded Classics New Adventures Skeletor. One day I hope to buy a Skeletor from the New Adventures line!
 Mini Masters Skeletor from SDCC. Not much to say.
 Funko Bobblehead Skeletor. One of 3 Funko items that I have of ol' bone head. He and He-Man are the only wacky bobblers that I own.
 Megabloks Kubros Skeletor here is the only Kubros I own. I never could bring myself to get any others as Skeletor is nice but not a fan of thee style!
 Speaking of Megabloks (now MegaConstrux) here is the Megaconstrux Heroes Skeletor. I have spotlighted him and the rest of this line before. He is also shockingly my favorite Skeletor in my collection.
 The last "repeat" is Funko's Skeletor from Dorbz. He is one of only 2 Dorbz that I own (the other is Thor that I got at five below) and the only one that I paid full price on! I love these and will probably get more on day!
 The only new Skeletor is the SDCC Vynl (my first Vynl) that came with Faker. These things are so cute! I might have to track down the others in this series!
 Since I mentioned him and the fact that he is technically a hybrid clone of both He-Man and Skeletor, here are my fakers. Vynl Faker and Battle Damaged Faker head from Classics that came packed with a Skeletor figure!

 That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. That's a lot of Skeletor goodness. Quite the fun collection.

    1. Thanks, ironically I never set out for a Skeletor collection, it just happened lol!

  2. Isn't It funny how you amass a nice amount of a certain characters figure unintentionally?That happened to me with Snake Eyes.I almost started to collect him exclusively but ultimately decided not to.Too many other toy goodies out there to be had!

    1. Yep, but then again there are those we do on purpose. For me its Supergirl and Batman Beyond lol.

  3. I almost bought that Kubros because I saw it super cheap but I just dont like it.


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