31 Days of Halloween: Skeletons-part 2

 Sadly still behind due to being sick so another quick one! Here is my skeleton table in my living room. As I stated yesterday, this is only up for Halloween but some of the skeletons are out (or will be) all year long in other displays! I'm sure Brother Midnight will be proud :) Especially since it was him that got me into them lol.
 Now a correction: Also stated yesterday is that I only had one or two skeletons a couple years ago. This is only correct if your not counting Skeletor as I forgot to count him in the count!
Skeleta (Monster High) and Ghost Rider! 
 My animal skeletons and skulls. That clear one is my favorite as it glows in the dark!
 Skeleton Cop (Real Ghostbusters), Bonehead (Toxic Crusaders), Jack (Reaction), Skeletor (Mini Masters), and animal skeletons!
 Here are close-ups from that Skeleton Army pack that I got at Dollar General for a buck!
 Below are a couple pics of the area around the Skeleton table.
A vintage jointed skeleton and a green (not glow in the dark regardless what the package said) skeleton, and a glow in the dark Tombstone. The shelf you can sort of see will be in a post tomorrow! 
 Glow in the dark triceratops skull, Skull deco, and a dino skeleton! 
 Hanging deco of reaper, plus a vintage Ghost pumpkin deco I found last year and a funny sign that I found at Target for a buck this year! Below is the whole ares (and a couple boxes in the shot lol. You;ll also notice my My Little Pony and Mega Construx displays!
  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. Need some of those Skeleton army packs! Very cool.

  2. I still haven't bought that frog or the scorpion.


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