31 Days of Halloween: Skeletons Part 1

 Still not feeling well (a week now *sigh* hence why its affecting the blog as I was a week ahead), so a quick post today! I Will be doing another quickie later this week showcasing my Skeleton display that I have in my living room for Halloween (hard to believe just two years ago I had one or two skeletons lol).

 I was getting the Kinder Egg Jurassic World figures. I ended up getting 3 different versions. Shown below is the Anklyosaurus. I also got Triceratops and Dimorphodon!
  What is cool is that you can reveal the skeleton inside. Even cooler is that out of the 3 I have only one (triceratops) looks terrible without his skeleton as the shells look pretty good by themselves. It reminds me of the old Transformers Generation One sub series "The Pretenders!"
  Then I also have this skeleton army pack from Dollar General. For a buck I couldn't say no to this (or the Mummy set). Now I just need to find cheap green army men for them (and the mummy horde) to fight and win.
  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. Skeletons are kinda cool , I like them a little bit. I keep one inside me at all times.


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