31 Days of Halloween: Recent Halloween Decoration Acquisitions!

 Every year I get new Halloween decorations and this year was no different, although most was cheaper stuff than I usually get due to buying a bunch of non Halloween toys!
  First were these cool Halloween signs at Target for a buck each. I get their sign decos almost every year.
  Like always, they are double sided! The haunted house is cute but I decided to buy the zombie one (a rarity for me as I am afraid of zombies) because it made me laugh.
  Heres a close up of the side that made me laugh!
  My tradition has become buying an animal skeleton (technically I got 2 this year) each year. This cheap scorpion from Dollar stores (Family Dollar, Dollar General) was this years addition!
  Then later on I found this awesome wolf (which unlike most of my skeletons, will be out year round) that howls and has light up eyes and was found at Dollar Tree!
  Speaking of Dollar Tree I found this crystal skull, um er Glow in the dark skull. It came with a stake to put into the ground, BUT I threw that out as it was useless for my plans!
  At Party City, I found this jointed Jack for less than 5 bucks and its huge! ( I love this guy).
  And finally I bought this light up noisy witch from Dollar Tree.
 She will join last years purchase (the ghost). Neat thing is they look good with 5.5 figures imo. hmmmm.

  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. My dollar tree doesn't have those dogs or the scorpions :/

    1. The scorpion was at dollar general not dollar tree lol. Mt dollar tree didn't have the wolves at first either, might want to check again.

  2. Fun stuff. Whoever started the animal skeleton trend was brilliant. I saw life size saber tooth tiger and t-rex at Home Depot. The scorpions make great adversaries for any size action figure.


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