31 Days of Halloween: Raven!

 This year I Decided to talk about Raven.
 No not that Raven! The poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe! First off I am just going to be honest, I normally hate poetry. Just never liked it. It never made any sens to me. However Edgar Allan Poe's work does, don't ask me why. I can't write it and as I already said, I have a hard time understanding it but truth is Poe means a lot to me.
  It all began decades ago when I was watching television. This was back when "The Simpsons" was still really good. Anyway I was watching the very first "Treehouse of Horrors" from the second season of "The Simpsons" and yes I was watching its first ever broadcast!
  Anyway the third and final story was told by Lisa Simpson and it was a decent retelling of "The Raven!" Sure the Raven (Bart) said "Eat my shorts" but overall it was close.
 After this I wanted to know more. My parents were elated as I hated literatury works and never read much. Suddenly I had books and graphic novels of Poe. I still remember having a Fall of the House of Usher GN. Reavn would become even more personal to me however. My mom would read it to me at night and once she passed 5 years later, the poem would become very precious to me.
 So its not surprising that one of the very few comics to make my move from San Francisco to Indiana was the first issue of Marvel's "Edgar Allan Poe Haunt of Horror mini". This comic is from 2006 and I really love it.
 Its a part of their Haunt of Horror line which also included Lovecraft (which I never read.) Each poem (there are 3 in this issue : "The Raven, The Sleeper, and The Conqueror Worm") had a comic before it which did the writer of the comic's vision of the poem. As everyone gets different meanings from stuff like poems, it is not how I interpret it!
 What is really great is that right after the comic, they print thee actual poem. So without further ado, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe!
 Here in Indiana a couple Halloween's ago (or perhaps last Halloween) I got this book of short stories from Poe. Maybe one day I will spotlight those or the other poems in the comic but for now Raven is it!
  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


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