31 Days of Halloween: My Toxic Crusaders Collection!

I am (and have been feeling sick) lately so this is just a quick post (with very little commentary) showcasing my almost complete Toxic Crusaders collection (I need just one more figure to complete them one day!). I got all of them from my very good friend Brother Midnight in trades! I will say this as a kid I never owned any Toxie stuff (except a Marvel comic) and never saw the cartoon but I really love these toys from Playmates and have no clue how I missed them as a kid!
Major Disaster
Junkyard (probably my favorite)
Radiation Ranger (troop builders)
 and of course Toxie!
  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. I always loved these! I still have a few in the package always thought maybe the would go up in value sadly they have not.

    1. They are great toys but there's just not a huge market for them and it makes sense. A lot more were probably made than there are people who are interested. That said Playmates made these very well. I mean some (if not all) have glow-in-the-dark painted spots!

  2. sheesh I don't know why that other guy just doesn't want to make it to your house .


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