31 Days of Halloween: My Modest Real Ghostbusters Collection

Just a quick post today, sometimes I have to do these when doing 31 (and this year 34) posts in a row to keep them on track!

 I only have 3 figures from the Rel Ghostbusters line (but lots of Ghostbusters thanks to that move a couple years back and also have one of the Diamond Select Movie figures of Ray!)

 All 3 I got at Goodwill. The two mini ghosts were "Sidekicks" packed with the figures and the White one Glows in the Dark! The cop is pretty cool especially since he's a haunted human. I am glad I knew who he was or I might have passed him by.
 He can become a pretty great officer skeleton!
  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


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