31 Days of Halloween: My 2018 Mood Table Display!

 Today I am FINALLY showcasing my Halloween Mood Table, This is something that I got the idea from Dinosaur Dracula and have been doing it for years. This year its in the front room and I decided no books, dvd, candy,etc. Just toys!

 NOTE: The picture quality is worse than normal because the room that this is located has terrible lighting!
  I love doing this because I get to take toys from other displays and spotlight them, I do a similar thing for Christmas. Also some of these are in storage the rest of the year. Here is the actual table!
  In the back I have 2 Halloween Barbies and a plush bat and pumpkin and a Dracula Pez I found at Goodwill.
  Lots of stuff here. A pirate Spongebob, Imaginext monsters, Pacman, and Porky. Birdie is there cause even though shes missing her costume she is from a McDonalds Halloween happy meal!
  Here you can see my candy tins that I spotlighted last year: 3 ghosts, a vampire, and a mummy! That sarcophagus is from a Night at the Museum Happy Meal. Oh that monster on the left is wearing a Barbie Witch hat!
 This area is my favorite! Ghost ET, wind-up ghost, Dollar Tree noisy ghost and witch and more!
 This is a better shot of the front!
   Lego Monsters, Glow in the dark critters, Kitty in my pocket.
  Here is a close-up of my Hot wheels! I just got those two Halloween Hot Wheels from 2 years ago, the mummy car I had!
  Better look at Legos!
  Remember my Skeleton army that I showed off that I got at Dollar General? Here is the ompanion set: The Mummy Army!
  Kids Meal train pieces and G-I-D Bats!
 Hotel Transylvania
 My Littlee Pony figurines (Kara stole the dracula cape lol).
 Imaginext (mostly)
  McDonalds Toys.
 Here is a look of the entire area! Well, that is it for today but be here tomorrow as we count down the last few days before Halloween! (yeah its almost here!)


  1. Im still trying to collect all those Simpsons toys ,I dont really have that many of them considering how many were made.

    1. Yeah same here. In those terms I have less than a quarter of them!


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