31 Days of Halloween: McFarlane's Monsters, the toys I truly miss!

 What seems like a long time ago, Mcfarlane released 3 3/4 (some might have been smaller) figures with mini playsets called McFarlane Monters! I had some of them and one day I hop to get them once again! These sets were so cool as they came with 2 figures and lots of accessories! As I do not own any currently none of these are my pictures and all were found on a Google hunt!
 Part of the first wave, this is the first Frankenstein set. I prefer the monster in this one and this is the set that I had. I love the detail of these so much.
 Probably my favorite version of the werewolf (other than Universal's Wolfman)! The werewolf set came with the werewolf and a hunter that could be taken apart to show he was dismembered! So cool and loved the nature stuff like the tree. My only gripe was that the hunter's head was always to the side so it was impossible to make him look alive UNLESS you had him "sleeping" that is lol!
 My favorite of the sets, Dracula! Dracula came with Dracula, a bat creature, and a caskett! I used to use that caskett when playing with my Joes but can't remember if they fit in it or not.
 I did not have this set as a kid (in fact the rest of the monsters sets I did not own except for Mummy!) The creature looks so great in this so i'm shocked that I never picked it up. This was Wave 2,
 This wave 2 set (and the only wave 2 set that I had) came with a pharaoh and the mummy and a sarcophagus! I loved this set so much!
 The only wave 1 set that I did not own. I know it looks cool but I honestly do not like the hunchback movie. Though that executioner is awesome!
  Wave 2's Frankenstein. Though I prefer wave one's Frankenstein Monster, I love Dr. Frankenstein in this much more! Plus the lab set looks even better!
  Wave 2's Phantom of the opera! Another movie that I did not like most versions of.

 Mcfarlane also released sets for the Spawn movie, which sincee they are in the same scale, it makes sense to add here.
  The graveyard set with Al and Clown. The set looks pretty cool.
  Fnal battle though looks great feels like a set with ONE figur only as Violator is just a pt of him and not a fan of that Spawn!
  The Alley playset is my favorite and came with Violator and Spawn looking great!
 I owned the Alley set's variant which came wit Todd (Mcfarlane) the bum as well!

  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. I have the mummy set out right now ,not sure why I put away the creature set though.


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