31 Days of Halloween: Imaginext Monsters

 I've talked about how much I love the Imaginext figures from Mattel and guess what? This is where it all began for me! I was watching a video of Pixel Dan's and fell in love and knew i wanted the monsters at least. All of my monsters were bought in the blind bags over the years and yes I did cheat by using the codes on the bags!
 Dracula here is one of my oldest, not sure if he was my first though (that might be Gillman) but I absolutely adore this figure. His cape is removeable and he came with Hordak's bat.
 Yep you read that right, this bat is so based on the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Classics Hordak's bat.
 The ghost I adore because you can remove the Glow in the dark ghost part and reveal a neon translucent skeleton!
 Even better, the "sheet" fits on most imaginext figures so you can make them the ghost and therefore get two monsters from one blind bag!
 This guy is my latest addition to the collection. I really love this Grim Reaper figure!
 The Mummy came with a pharaoh's mask, which is how i usually have him displayed.
 This is how he looks underneath.
 Werewolf came with the chains.
Last December, around the holidays I found this guy by feeling the bag! Headless Horsemen is one of, if not actually, my favorite monsters.
 Yes, like the ghost he glows but unlike the ghost, his head and hands glow!
 Next up is my only girl in the monsters (unless you count Power Rangers).
 She looks generic (IMO) without the witch face.
 Gillman came with a water tank to wear and a trident. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is my favorite of the Universal Monsters!
 Last up is this clown with hair/vest and balloon dog. He looks so creepy so I have them with them lol.
 Well that is a look at my Imaginext Monsters. I highly recommend Imaginext, yes they are made for preschoolers BUT they are so fun AND have great homages (Hordak's bat is NOT the only MOTU homage for instance!)


  1. The balloon dog is such a creepy accessory.I'm glad I never got into collecting these because had I,the rest of my collection would have probably gone by the way side lol.So many cool figures.

  2. I still need a few of these guys...well I need 2 of them lol

    1. Ah, well if one is the Reaper don't worry I got you one :)


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