31 Days of Halloween: Creature from the Black Lagoon and Friends

 Th Creature from the Black Lagoon is my all time favorite Universal Monster and I think it shows! ;)
 This is a favorite of mine, h is a reaction figure from Funko! He was also one of, if not, the first Reaction figures that I ever got!
 Gillman I talked about in my Imaginext post so not much more to say!
 This odd Creature is a dangler that I got at Walgrens back in San Francisco many years ago! I love this guy except that the beads leak out of his back as it has opened. I will b taking a look at thse later in the month!
 On of two "Creature From the Bottomless Lake" Scooby-Doo figures that I have, Sadly I forgot to snap a picture of the other on (which is a mini figure, this one is a regular sized figure! Creature From the Bottomless Lake is one of my all time favorite Scooby-Doo episodes!
 Imaginext Swamp Thing came with a weird outback kinda Batman. To me Swamp Thing is like the Creature (I think the same about Marvel's Man-Thing but sadly have no figure of him as of yet!) Swamp Thing is not my favorite DC character but is in the top ten if not the top five!

  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of my all time favorites!


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