31 Days Of Halloween: Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina! (Very Minor Spoilers)

  You probably know by now that Netflix has released a new series based on Archie Comics. This one is based on the horror comic Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!
  In this world, things are very different for our favorite witches. For example on their 16'th birthday they sign their name in the book of the beast and become soldiers in sense for Satan. Then they are given stronger powers.
  The series features some familiar faces (to me). Probably the most shocking is Bronson Pinchot (Balki from Perfect Strangers) as a mean principle. He is a jerk and hates different stuff than his views. For instance one of Sabrina's friends who dresses boyishly had her shirt pulled up by some football players and his response is maybe she should transfer to another school.
  Like Riverdale (they have Cole Sprouse), Sabrina has a Disney alum in the form of "Austin and Ally" star Ross Lynch. He plays Harvey Kinkle and while I like him, it took time to get used to him in this role!
  The devil has a major role in this series even though he never speaks (as far as I know as I only have finished up to the fourth episode!) The graphics of him (and the series in general) are so beautifully done and so realistic that it can get scary! Also he has Madame Satan (not pictured) watch over Sabrina and to try to convince her to do his bidding. Madame Satan is played by Michelle Gomez, another familiar face as she is Missy (the Master's female form) in Doctor Who!
  Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina's cousin, is on house arrest and cannot leave the Spellman grounds (they have a mortuary). Why he is housebound I will keep quiet. He is pansexual and risks everything to go on a date with a guy! He also takes on Salem's role from the original series as Sabrina's confident and information giver.
  Speaking of Salem, he is in it and played by a real black cat. Also he, like all familiars, is a goblin that takes form of an animal that protects their witch. Only their witch can hear them talk and other than when she first meets him, Salem doesn't talk unfortunately.
  Hilda (not pictured) and Zelda are much darker in this series as they work for the dark lord. However Hilda is much friendlier and reminds me of Caroline Rhea's version of her character, just darker.
Sabrina also has Libby like foes in the form of the weird sisters led by Prudence (not pictured). They go to the Academy of Unseen Arts. They hate her because she exists! They hate the fact that a half breed exists.
  All in all I really am enjoying this and recommend it to anyone who likes dark shows. It goes without saying that this series, unlike the original and cartoons, is not a family friendly show. Below are some screen shots from the first 2 episodes and of the intro. Notice that the art is made to mimic the art of the comic it is based on!
 That is it for today, but be here tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion to 31 days of Halloween!


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