31 Days of Halloween: Bring Back The Frankenstones

 So last Halloween Cassie reviewed the Flintstones New neighbors and I revealed that I love the Frankenstones. The truth is that they are by far my favorite Flintstones characters. Wait who are the Frankenstones? Ok first some history.
 Many think they were an updated version of the Gruesomes from the original Flintstones cartoon. I don't agree with that. The Gruesomes are clearly based on the Addams Family (which the tv series premiered the same year as they were introduced, but the Addams Family comic strip was around since the 30s in the New Yorker! The Gruesomes were never seen again BUT a family that looked very similar (the Creeply's) were introduced in Laff-A-Lympics about a decade later! The Frankenstones however are a combination of the Addams Family and the Munsters and premiered in 1979 on the New Fred and Barney show!
 The Frankenstones themselves are very Munsters like.

  • Frank Frankenstone is Herman.
  • Hidea Frankenstone is Lilian or even Morticia from the Addams Family (but I think she is supposeed to be fusion of Lilian and the Bride of Frankenstein!
  • Atrocia Frankenstone reminds me of Wednesday Addams in both look and style.
  • Freaky Frankenstone could be Eddie Munster.

 After their debut episode where they were owners of a condorstonium, they would return again in the primetime special "The Flintstones New Neighbors," Frank also appeared as the Frankenstone monster in "The Flintstons meet Rockula and Frankenstone!" Rockula also appeared in "The New Fred and Barney Show" for 2 episodes (one of which was the premiere of the Frankenstones!!
 Its what came after that made me fall in love. Some of them got a design change from the primetime special. I should mention that all but Frank had different names in the special: Hidea was Olivia, Atrocia was Hidea, and Freaky was Stubby! In the series "The Flintstone Comedy Show," they did shorts. The shorts were Dino, Pebbles, and Bamm Bamm (Scooby-Doo like series), Bedrock Cops (which featured Frd, Barney, and the Shmoo as cops), The Flintstone Family Adventures, Captain Caveman (which featured Betty and Wilma), and the Frankenstones!
 The shorts were great with one exception: No Barney or Betty. They just are missing and never explained lol. Though honestly, they might have appeared once but i'm not sure.
 Th Frankenstones lived in a castle with a storm cloud over it.
 Sadly after the Flintone Comedy show was cancelled after two seasons, that was just about it for them. Unlike the Gruesomes, which appeared in at least one comic and were redesigned as the Creeply's, only Frank was ever seen again! He appeareed as an enemy in a video game and appeared in 2 comics: Flintsonee Kids 10 (1989) and The Flintstones 01 (Archie Comics - 1995)!

 I really wish WB would bring them back, heck I think Funko should make Pops or action figures of them, but sadly I doubt that will ever happen unless they return one day! Then again, The Flintstones have returned a little, so maybe they will to one day!

 That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. The Flintstones sure had some crazy neighbors back in the days.

  2. Bring back the Gruesomes! I wish Funko would release the mom and the spider to finish my set.


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