31 Days of Halloween: 5.5 Alive!

 Today I thought I would show off my latest addtions to my 5.5 collection!
  Sub-Zero has been out for awhile now and have been eyeing him. I finally took the plunge on him at Target since he was on clearance. I am glad I did, this guy is solid and a really great action figure. I am really loving these figures!
  Jason I had to look for. My goal was to either get him or Michael Myers. Freddy is my favorite horror character BUT I really dislike his figure in this line, it just seems off. Like Michael, Jason looks pretty good. Like all of the Funko figures I have, he is a pretty great addition.
 Here is a look at all 4 that I have thus far from Funko.

 Before I go, if you like 5.5 action figures you should check out my good friend Brother Midnight's NEW PAGE! Its called Five Point Five Alive.

  That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. That Jason one is pretty cool. Will have to look into these.

  2. I'm just not sure about the Jason figure but I can dig the Sub-Zero

    1. Yeah Jason was off to me at first too but I think hes cool now. Th upcoming Thundercats, DC Primal Age, and the previous Mortal Kombats are/look great!


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