Misc Purchases From September

 I went to a few stores earlier in the month for this Halloweeny haul, including my first ever trip to Ollies (which just opened up here and where I got the Wal-Mart exclusive Hot Rod that was online only!) The first things are not too exciting as they are decorations I found at Dollar Tree!
 The above picture is a pack of mini foam pumpkin decos that are flat and look pretty cool!
 I bought another set of Halloween lights and together with another set (which can do string to string)
 I made my window in the collection room purple lol.
 At Ollies I finally found the Halloween Hot Wheels from 2 years ago! I only got 2 but am so excited! The other Hot Wheel is not Halloweenish but it is the Injustice II character car for Supergirl. Funny note: I almost bought her at Wal-Mart for more just a month earlier!
 Finally is this figure of Mavis from Hotel Transylvania! I do plan to spotlight her (and more) in October! Thats it for now but be here tomorrow for the first official day of 31 Days of Halloween!


  1. Awesome finds. Let the Halloween festivities commence.

    1. I enjoyed doing these 3 posts but really love my 31 days posts. Doing something different this year though and doing a media week at the end of the month i think.


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