Down Memory Lane/ Reflections: Halloween.

 Welcome to the return of Down Memory Lane (and technically since I'm refleecting on what Halloween is to me, I also consider this a Reflections special lol,) and it is also the very first day of my 3 day prelude to 31 Days of Halloween! Thats right starting today, you will get 34 days of posts!
 To start I thought I would just share why I love Halloween. Honestly I am not sure. I loved it for as long as I can remember and it might be because of the spookyness or even the escape but who knows. I know as a transgender, its the one month (October) I don't feel like people are staring at me and judging me. I also know its the one holiday (as I think I mentioned before) that hasn't been ruined (unless you count being in the hospital a part of it due to a sprained knee or being in a mental hospital one year during it) which most would but I don't as I got out after a few hours and the mental hospital experience ended up me going to San Francisco and being myself. I know that I love Halloween, I love decorating for it and I love the "feeling" of it. I think my love for Halloween honestly stems from all of that and stuff that I can't remember due to my bad memory.

 I hope you enjoyed my rambling and don't worry toys and media spotlights are coming and all a part of "31 Days Of Halloween!" The prelude continues tomorrow and concludes Sunday and 31 days begins on Monday!


  1. Halloween is just so much fun. Always has been. Can't believe what a big business it's become. Looking forward to your Halloween posts.

    1. I know, its shocking. Thanks, I really put a lot of hard work in these 31 days posts and hope it shows.)

  2. Halloween this year seems to not have garnered the retail attention it has had in years past.


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