Top 5 Ultraverse Characters that should be Marvel Legends!

 After a week off, we are back with a top 5! This list is something I know that we will never get as Marvel has ignored the Ultraverse ever since they cancelled those titles after a few years after they bought Malibu. However I still want a Mantra figure badly so here are my top 5 choices for Ultraverse characters to be mad in Marvel Legends (yes its pretty one sided sorry lol)

5. Warstrike
This guy is bad ass. He is a mercenary and was hired by Boneyard's goons to kill Lukasz. Because of this Archimage had no choice but to put Lukasz into Eden Blake's body! Yep Warstrike is the whole reason that Mantra even existed!

4. Foxfire
  Foxfire was a pretty cool character (she even controlled the Phoenix force!) Sh'd be a great figure!

3. BoneYard
 Mantra's big bad! This guy needs a figure! He was even on an episode of the Ultraforce cartoon series!
2. Lord Pumpkin
 This awesome pumpkin creature was robbed! He was in the cartoon and was planned to be part of I think the second wave of the Ultraforce toyline but was cancelled. How cool would it be to have this guy?

And before we get to #1, here are a lot of notable mentions:

 Before I get to the notable mentions, there were so many that I had to actually limit the mentions lol. However I would also love figures of Prototype (their Iron Man), the Warrior woman Topaz, and Ghoul creature Ghoul! All three of these had figures in the Galoob line however and thats why they were left off. I would also love a Rune figure as well. Who wouldn't want a vampire? Plus the spooky Rivermen would be cool too!

 Now on to the 5 (yes 5) Notable Mentions:
 The one who lead the good guys and was captured by Boneyard!
Kismet Deadly is from a cartoon like dimension I believe (been awhile since I read the Mantra comic books!) and wanted to take over Mantra's life! That is until she learned that mortals die!
Night Man had a figure in the Galoob line becaus not only did he guest in the cartoon, but he had his own live action (the only Ultraverse character to have one) series! This is why I think he should get a new toy!
Prime actually has action figures as he was in the Ultraforce toyline from Galoob. I still think he would look great as a Marvel Legends figure! He was one of, if not, the flagship character(s) of Ultraverse!
I know absolutely nothing about Sweet Face but do I? I mean who doesn't want a cool looking Mummy Girl?

1. Mantra
 Well this should be no surprise lol. Not only is she my all time favorite Hero(ine) but I collect Transgender toys! I would love to have Mantra in my collection one day! If I can ever afford it I might commission someone to make me one but that is not going to be anytime soon. That's it for this week's top 5 but more to come! 


  1. I think I have a Prime comic somewhere I my stash.I was just looking at some of the Galoob figures online and they look pretty cool.Prime looks huge!But yeah,Legends figures would do theses guys proper justice.

    1. They were great figures (I had Topaz, Ghoul, and Prime). For 5 in figs they are awesome!

  2. I went through a Ulterforce faze about 12 years ago. I got super irritated trying to get all 6 504's and gave up only ever obtaining 2 of them (Desert Heat Night Man and Queen Topaz)That was back when Yahoo auctions was a thing and I was able to get those 2 in lots with regular figures for next to nothing.

    1. I wish I still had mine, one day i'll reget them. Not really after the variants though except i might get that american prime.


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