Mortal Kombat Kitana

As you probably know, I got Kitana from Funko's Mortal Kombat 5.5 line recently as a gift! I thought I would take the time to showcase her quickly.
 Although she is not built like the vintage Evil Lynn or Teela, she still looks great in this style. I was pretty impressed by how she looks and feels. Unlike a lot of Funko's action figures, this feels sturdy and not like its going to break if you play with her a bit.
 My only gripe is that she barely holds on to her fans but I have no clue how they could make it so she could and have them be accurate so I understand. I just hate it when weapons fit so loose that a bump or a simple breathe can make them fall!
 They do get a huge thumbs up for me as she is not only waring heels but stands on her own! 😮 How come Funko can accomplish this but the big two (Hasbro and Mattel) can't and you need stands to keep females with heels standing or we'll stuck with them wearing what looks like wedges that are inaccurate to their designs?
 She looks great with the vintage MOTU figures as you can see here, but because she's from Mortal Kombat she looks GREAT with Whiplash!
 Here you can see how different she looks compared to the vintage girls but I love that there is now a variety to the female bodies!
 All in all I really love this figure and she was well worth the wait. I might grab some of the others and am looking even more forward to Funko's future waves of these lines like Horror and Thundercats than I was!


  1. I gotta get my hands on some of these MK figures.

    1. Judging by Kitana, they are really great and the next two series are almost here: Horror (Sept) and Thundercats - wave 1 (October)!


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