A Quick Surprise Post (Iron Monger and Update!)

  Before I get to the figure, just a little update. For the rest of the month I am moving to 4 days a week! 
Mondays: Top 5!
Wednesdays: Toys or sometimes Random Image!
Fridays: Toys!
Saturdays: Reflections!

  Reflections is why I am doing an update in the first place as it will be very different than what i've done in the past! It will be me reflecting on my feelings and things that have happened. Its a 7 part series and will end the week before 31 Days begins! These will be very personal and I understand if you choose to skip them as they deal with transgenderism, homelessness, Drug Addiction, and much more! I just feel I need to get them out there (not all 7 are that heavy though as one deals with Halloween. This schedule is almost finalized as most of the posts (including the next 2 weeks of top 5's) are already finished! Now onto the toy!  

   Recently, I went to Goodwill (South as we have 2) and found Iron Monger from Iron Man! I'm not sure where he's from as he has an action feature so I doubt he's a Marvel Legends, but he looks decent with them as you can see in the pic below with him next to Nick Fury!
 All in all this is a pretty good figure with good articulation! If it wasn't for the action feature, I'd think he was a Marvel Legends figure!


  1. He almost looks like he's made out of metal.That's a great looking figure.I don't go to goodwill much but when I do, I never come across stuff like this.

    1. I had hit a slump where I found nothing but lately its been good. YEah he looks like it but is plastic. Was a little pricey for them but worth it ($2.99)!


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