A Gift From Tony!

 Recently I got another birthday package in the mail. It was from Tony! He sent me a couple of vintage MOTU's and I am so grateful, thank you!
  Kobra Khan! Yes! I now have the Snake Man that was not really a Snake Man!
  I always loved this guy and it is so exciting to have him in my collection once more.
 The other figure (Tung Lashor) was on an earlier Top 5 list and is one of my 3 favorite foes from that line (the other two were Mer-Man and Mosquitor and I will get them to one day).

 The exciting thing is that just like that I now need just TWO more Snake Men to have all of the ones I had as a kid (Hiss and Snake Face) and only 4 more to have them all: Hiss, Snake Face, Rattlor, and Sssqueeze. Well 5 more if you count Blast Attak as he was a member of the Snake Men in a mini comic but a member of Skeletor's forces on his card!

 Thank you again Tony!


  1. Glad I could be of assistance ;)They look great in front of that backdrop btw.

    1. Yeah I love my pics ever since I started using that playset :) The Snakemen especially do look great in front of it. TY again!


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