Top 5 Vintage MOTU figures (IMO) that I do not currently own

 In honor of Brother Midnight refocusing his pursuits to 5.5 and opening a new blog focusing on 5.5, this week's top 5 list is vintag MOTU (5.5)! Most of the pics are from!

 As the title says, I do not own any of these  currently (hence characters like Stonedar and Evil Lyn are mia!) So without further ado:

 5. Mer-Man
  Mer-Man is the vicious warlord of the seas. He is also clearly based on the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I loved this guy's look and want to track him down one day.

 4. Tung Lashor
  The only Snake Man on this list. As a kid I owned Hiss, Snake Face, Kobra Khan, and this guy but Lashor always was my favorite! As a kid I always thought that he looked like a frog (my second favorite animal) but as an adult I think he looks more like a Gila Monster.
The Gila has a pink color which could be why Lashor is purple (as pink in a boys toy would have raised flags in the 80s sadly!)

 3. Turbodactyl
  The only "Steed" on this list. HE was one of 3 figures released in the States for the proposed "Legends of Grayskull" line! I say States as two others were produced and released overseas: the giants Megator and Tytus! I only owned Turbodactyl (the other 2 were also dinosaurs: Bionatops and Tyrantisaurus Rex) and he quickly became a favorite. To this day he is a favorite of mine and if I could track him down for a reasonable price I'd own him again!

 2. Scare Glow
 The only one on this list that I never had as a kid and also the only one on this list that I doubt I will ever own unless I get lucky as he is one of the more expensive Vintage Motu figures (heck the more recent "Classics" version is also pricey!) This guy was supposedly the ghost of Skeletor from the future and glew in the dark!

 Now for the Honorable mentions:
  The movie figures! I never owned a vintage Gwildor but I did have the other 2. I currently have the more recent "Classics" version of Blade but one day want to hunt down and have all 3 of these guys in the vintage line as I actually liked the movie.
  Rokkon here is all alone as I have Stonedar thanks to Cassie! I loved these so much as a kid that I talked about them so much that when she saw Stonedar she knew she had to get it for me! I love that they can transform and how simple said transformation is!
  Snout Spout is a firefighter on Eternia. I have no clue why but this guy has always been a favorite! I own the "Classics" version (also thanks to Cassie) but I really want this one again.
  Like Scareglow I will probably never own this figure. Sorceress was from the end of the line and I did have her as a kid. Thankfully I have Vintage Zoar and a classics Zoar and those are good enough for me right now!
  Teela is a favorite of min and is a must have. I had her as a kid and one day will re add her to the collection!

 Number one is Mosquitor! I had Mosquitor as a kid but its much more than that. My sister (who is unfortunately no longer with us) bought me him at Kaybee toys. She then surprised me with him soon after. To this day the mosquito Horde member is one of my all time favorite toys!

 Thats it for this week's top 5, be here next week for a new top 5! Maybe Brother Midnight will showcase some of these on his new blog! Other than Scareglow of course as he already has! 😃


  1. I have Tung Lashor,Alexis.I can put him aside for you.

  2. I have 5 of these things :) I do not plan on getting the movie figures though I need Tung Lashor and Sorceress (I've been very picky about Sorceress ,I want all the chest paint intact and her wand).

    1. Makes sense on Sorceress.. I think i'd be picky on her as well.

  3. Love, love, love He-Man figures! It was the first line I "completed" when I really started collecting action figures again.

    I know you've already seen them, but if you're down for a trip down memory lane;

    1. I've come to realize after all of these years that MOTU s my favorite toyline of all time. Really loved seeing that post again. :) ty for re-sharing!


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