Top 5 Trading Card series from my Childhood!

 Surprise the top 5 is a little early this week!

 This week's top 5 is focused on the card series that I collected and remember fondly. sadly I do NOT have any cards from these series anymore and hope to get some again one day!

5. Looney Tunes Comic Ball
 I loved these cards as a kid! Each card was a scene from a bigger story if you got all the cards from that "act" you could read the comic. These were great!
 4. Ultraverse
  I was (and still am) a huge Ultraverse fan. I had both series (1 and 2) of this card series. I only read Mantra and occasionally Ultraverse and Warstrike so it was great to read about the other characters I would see in tie-ins or the events!
 3. DC Cosmic Cards
  This series was my favorite of the 2 (the other was Cosmic Teams) so its why I decided to spotlight it but both series were great and focused on the heavy hitters and some not so heavy hitters like Peace Maker!
 2. G.I.JOE
  These were one of my all time favorites and since I was a huge fan of JOE that makes sense. These focused primarily on characters that had toys within a year or two (duh they wanted to sell all the toys) but also focused on the original team (the original wave of figures), the Marvel comic and the Marvel comic spin-off "Special Missions", and there was a "Hall of Fame" section in which they focused on characters that had died in the comic book such as Golobius, Nemesis Enforcer, Crystal Ball, Royal Guard, Quick Kick, and more!
  Like last week I am going to show some honorable mentions before I unveil #1!
  The only reason this one is here is due to the fact that my Dad collected these and they are a fond memory. They definitely did not make the list though.
  Supergirl (movie)
  I am a HUGE Supergirl fan but because I did not have these as a kid (at least I don't think I did) nor did anyone in my family (that I know of) these did not qualify. Also to me the greater card sets were those that focused on characters (like comics or toys) and not trying to tell the movie. Thats why non of them made the list.
  I hav no clue when these came out! I want them though lol. I am a huge fan of Garfield and while they don't qualify for this list, I knew they had to at least get an Honorable mention!
  TMNT (Cartoon series 2)
  While I loved all of the TMNT cards as a kid for some reason this is the one that I remember fondly. It would have made the list if it was a top 6, it was that close!
  And now the #1!
  These were great and by far the best card series of my childhood. I think these might have been what got me actively collecting cards. I had all FOUR of the series but Series 1 is the one I fondly remember the most.
  Besides where else could you get an Aunt May card!
 Well that's it for this week's top 5 but be here next week for more!

 On another note, I have not been feeling great and that is why I haven't posted much. I hope to post on my regular days this week but who knows? I will say many more toy articles are coming as I have done the photos so stay tuned....


  1. Holy crap I didn't know all those characters died In the comics!?!
    -5 Geek cred.

    1. lol yeah there were a bunch because Cobra Commander buried
      a lot of what he considered traitors in a volcano! lol. Zartan would return I believe but not sure if others did come back. On the Joe Side Quick Kick and many others died in action AND so did the WHOLE entire team of Battle Force 2000! Guess they weren't popular enough lol!

    2. Poor Battle Force ,never got a fair shake lol.Quick Kick's death rings a bell,but damn,he was one of my favs.

    3. He was one of my favs to. This is why many characters never got second figures in the vintage line. Hasbro decided to not make or rerelease figures that died in the comic books! Thats why I think Zartan might have returned eventually!

    4. This is not a rule they followed anymore after the vintage line, why they did back then I have no clue!

  2. I bought a pack of the Desert Storm cards at a candy shop less than a year ago. Pretty fun set.

    1. Wow thats pretty cool and yeah they were interesting cards.


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