Top 5 Ducktales 2017 I want to be made.

  Time for yet another top 5 list! I absolutely love the new Duck Tales line by Phatmojo and hope that we get a second wave! Which I bet we will as this Target exclusive series is reportedly selling very very well! This edition of top 5 features the top  5  10 figures I would love to see in that toy line!

 Wait a minute top 10? For the first time ever I could not bear to leave some off the list, I love this cartoon and toy line that much, so I decided to do a top 10 instead and there will be no notable mentions due to this as those are the ones that would have been 6-10 anyway! Just wanted to give them all positions this week only!

 Even by extending it to a TOP 10 this was hard as Duck Tales has had shadowed cameos of the Gummi Bears, about to feature Don Karnage and his sky pirates, AND Darkwing Duck characters! So who did I ultimately choose for this? Lets see:

10. Lena
 Lena is the niece of evil magician Magica Despell! She also has befriended Webby. As the season has not yet ended, we don't know what will happen to her but I would love a figure of her. We do have a mini figure of her in the blind "bag" assortment however.

09. Beagle Boys
 The reason these guys are not higher in my wants is I am meh on the design! However I still like them and feel that they are needed in a Duck Tales toy line. It just feels wrong not to have them!

08. Mark Beaks
 Quite honestly? This guy was meh to me at first but he has become pretty okay to me lol. Beaks is a twenty something computer/ technology making millionaire. He also is in the Gizmo episodes as he tries to figure out just who Gizmo really is.

07. Goldie
 Yep Scrooge's ex Goldie appeared in an episode of this series! I always wanted a figure or PVC of her so why not now? Also I kinda prefer this iteration's look more than the originals.

06. The Three Caballeros 
 This was a shock to me. Not only are the 3 Caballeros getting their own toon (seen overseas but not here in the States yet), BUT they are appearing on Duck Tales soon (I think next season). It would be great to get any of the 2 as figures but even better if we got them both (we already have Donald)!

05. Liquidator
 This watery Darkwing Duck foe was originally going to be made by Playmates in the 90's but was cancelled. Isn't it time that we finally got him? Plus he appeared on the new Duck Tales cartoon in a non speaking cameo!

04. Magica
 So far we have only seen her shadow form, but teases from the hour long finale indicate that her duck form is similar to the original. Like the Beagle Boys it seems wrong not to have ol' Magica in a line based on Duck Tales! That and she is pretty nasty in this series (making her niece do her evil bidding!) Plus she is voiced by Catherine Tate (Donna on Doctor Who) so it would be neat to have her and Scrooge (David Tennant) next to each other on a shelf!

03. Darkwing Duck
 Wait a minute! Why is my favorite crime fighter # 3? For a few reasons actually. He had an action figure not only in the 90's but very recently from Funko, he is available as a mini figure (1 per case *sigh*) in the blind "bags", and I want the characters in the #2 an 3 slots more, but I still want this version of DW in action figure form A LOT!

02. Bubba Duck
 That's right! Bubba is going to be making his long awaited return in season 2! I can not wait as Bubba has been my favorite Duck Tales character ever since his debut! I just hope he brings his Triceratops Tootsie along for the ride! I think he and either Lena would be a great 2 - pack or him with Tootsie if she's in the series!

01. Gizmo Duck
 I think this was a no brainer! Like Liquidator, ol Gizmo Duck was supposed to be released as a part of the second Darkwing Duck wave but was cancelled along with the rest of that wave! Gizmo is still very popular and many were disappointed that he wasn't in the Disney Afternoon collection from Funko! Lets just hope that PhatMojo decides to give him to us this time!

 That is it for this week's Top  5  10, be here next week for a new top 5 as we return to doing a top 5! ALSO this week I plan to take a look at the 2 Duck Tales sets that I have AND either this week or next week I'll showcase the rest of my birthday gifts! I got a few more.