Top 5 Childhood Gifts!

 Since my birthday is this Saturday, I thought it was a great time for a special Birthday top 5! This list are the top 5 gifts I got as a kid during birthday or Christmas. Sadly, I no longer have any of these things.  Also Sadly since my memory is so bad except for a few I am guessing that they were given to me on those days. Without further ado:

 I am pretty sure this was Christmas! I loved this headquarters. It was one of only 3 (4 if you count Point Dread) playsets that I had as a kid. I am not counting micro machines playsets if I did I'd have more than 3 lol. The other two are on this list so I will not say them yet. I used to pretend that gun was a ship and "flew" it around lol. I loved putting cobra's in that cell. Eventually I got rid of the bars and made it the bunks for the Joes on duty

 This one I know for a fact that I got on a birthday. I remember it fondly as it was the only birthday party (with friends that I ever had). It was at Showbiz Pizza (yeah i'm that old lol hitting 40 on Saturday!

 This was more a family gift than a gift to me but was addressed to me from Santa under the tree! SNES was one of only 5 systems that we had when I was a kid (Atari - don't remember which version though but know it was a ore nes one, Nes, Game Boy, SNes, and Sega Game Gear). s I had next to no friends as a kid these systems brought much joy to my life.

 The Terrordrome! The most impressive playset that I owned! It came with a figure, a vehicle, and so many features. You had a jail cell like the joe one but you also had a gas area to refuel vehicle, command post, this was just so awesome. I loved this thing! It literally JUST missed the number one slot!

  And as I have been doing lately, here are the honorable mentions (and why some did not make the list) before I show you #1:
 Condor here I believe I got at the same birthday party as the Thunder Hawk, but I can't be sure. Also honestly, Thunder Hawk was much cooler.
 I honestly can't recall if I got this and the other Power Ranger item below during the holidays or not.
 I am pretty sure I did though. I loved Tommy (and still do) and wish I still had these.
 As you may all recall, this one was not eligible. I did not get it for a birthday or on Christmas. I received it (and some M.U.S.CL.E.S. (I believe a trashcan) at TRU (or Playworld) before or after a minor operation (ear related). He is here now as this was one of my all time favorite figures as a kid. One day I hope to get Slaughter (any of them as I had 3 of the 4 as a kid - only did not have the mail-a-way "USA" version of this figure!)
 and #1:

 Here is yet another playset from my childhood. This was quite essential and although i'd like the other 2 again someday this particular playset is one I NEED to get for my collection one day as Grayskull is necessary to MOTU! Hence it being #1!

 Well that's it for this week's top 5! This week's schedule is a little different: Wednesday we'll be bringing you a second Nick blind bag post and then Saturday (yes Saturday as it is my birthday so I decided to push Friday's post to then), we'll bring you a special birthday post (probably a Random Image and also the return of Down Memory Lane (which is going to be a little different now.) combo!)


  1. The Terrordrome was one of the very best GI Joe toys , it was so huge and cool! I did a list very much like this like 6 years ago (not exactly the same but close) here's a link to that list

    1. It was very close and I liked it. I always forget that although 80s toys were the best, the 70s had some good ones as well! Yeah the Terrordrome was definitely one of the best Joe items of all time hands down!

  2. Happy birthday wishings to you! Lots of good stuff in this post I never had as a kid, but always wanted.

    P.S. Your sentence - "This was more a family gift than a gift to me but was addressed to me from Santa under the tree!" - Made me feel like I was reading a Dr. Seuss book. So you get points for that too.

    1. lol what makes that sentence even cooler/funnier is that it was completely unintentional lol. Ty for the birthday wishes :)

    2. You're a poet and don't even know it ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Alexis.Your Motu figs will go out soon ;)And god I remember getting my Triple T Tank !The relief of knowing that I would still be able to get a Sgt.Slaughter fig without having to mail away for it!Condor and Firefly were the only Mask vehicles to ever make It into my collection as a kid.I may have had a hand me down Castle Grayskull at some point.I never liked SNES as a kid,I was more into the Genesis.

    1. Ty for the birthday wishes and awesome on MOTU Coming soon :) Yeah I have said it before but Slaughter was one of my (and still is) favorite Joes. Funny thing is out of my 4 favs I currently have 2 lol (Quick Kick and Beach Head, I still need Falcon and Slaughter.)

      Yeah we were more a Nintendo family, as I stated above I only had the Game Gear (man how much I wanted the Genesis. I used to play that system as long as possible when we went to Sears lol.) and Atari and that I Don't count as it was pre-Nintendo.


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