Birthday Gifts From Dad

  Today is my fortieth birthday! Still can't believe it! Well as is the tradition, my Dad sent me some birthday money and I mostly bought stuff I needed and ink for my printer for me to print up some stuff for displays, I did buy some cool stuff as well!

 First up are 5 books (don't worry there are toys as well) that I found at Goodwill! This surprised me as I haven't found much at Goodwill for months (but that seems to be changing as I found a Marvel movie figure on the first as I will show eventually) and especially no books that I liked.
  First up is this Bugs Bunny book. This book is ironic as I hate the dentist lol and it also was released the year that I was born (1978).
  I am a HUGE fan of the cousins. I actually like them more than the bears so when I found this 1986 book, I was so happy. I will say it was weird reading a book without the Care Bears anywhere in it though! This book was originally owned by Kim S. I say this because I seem to have bought 2 books from her collection  as....
  This 1988 Garfield book was also hers lol. Why I got this is no secret to long time readers. I love Garfield! He and I are not only the same age but he is only 1 month and 2 days older than me (June 19, 1978 to my July 21, 1978!) That and we both live in Muncie!
  I never saw (nor have I seen any as of yet) the Get A Long Gang cartoon. I however have heard enough about it to know I Wanted something from that line so I was happy to add this book from the 80s (no date in book).
  Did not realize this was Beatrix Potter. I got this 1991 book because it was a frog. Once I noticed it was Beatrix Potter I Flipped as I loved Peter Rabbit and I believe I also loved Jerima Puddle-Duck. Been so long I don't remember which I read.
  At Dollar Tree I found some goodies. I finally broke down and bought some Pokemon cards (3 packs of 3 cards). I got these cause I love Mewtwo (and especially Mew) and they had him on the pack so I knew I had a great deco even if I was upset about the cards. I was pleasantly surprised that I knew some of them and actually like the artwork!
  Also at Dollar Tree was this miniature Panthor. Ok this squishy animal toy is not really Panthor BUT he looks so close (his tail is even connected to a back leg - although its a different one- like the vintage toy was) that I will have him with my mini masters He-Man and Skeletor figures or maybe even my Loyal Subjects. I am not sure yet.
  At Goodwill I found the McDonalds 200x Battlecat. I now have 3 of the 8!
  Also at Goodwill, I found a carded Ezra Bridger for just $1.99! I was so happy as he gets me closer to completing the crew of the Ghost (Just need Chopper, Hera, and Zeb!)
 At Dollar Tree I was shocked to find this Hot Wheels version of the First Order Heavy Assault Walker (Gorilla Walker)! This thing is in stores like Wal-Mart and Target still and is almost $5! Sadly this was all they had but can't wait to add him to my Tie Fighter and X-Wing Hot Wheels models!
 Last up I got these Duck Tales figures that are exclusively sold at Tar--- Oh I see that Kara wants me to wait to showcase them next week. Sorry guys, but I better do what she says or she might claw me lol! So thats it for now. I'll do more posts if more gifts come in but thats what my Dad gave me. :)


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