Big Convoy

Time to take a look at Big Convoy!
 I showed off Big Convoy sometime back when I got him in a trade with my good friend Brother Midnight but just who is big convoy? Well in Japan the Beast Wars episodes weren't coming fast enough so they made 2 anime in traditional cell animation. The first was Beast Wars II and the second was a direct sequel called Beast Wars Neo. While II had new figures and not just repaints, Neo had a lot more unique figures.
  In fact thats where Bazooka and Sling came from (which I got the figures from Brother Midnight in the trade b4 this one!)

 I found out about the Japanese Beast Wars figures around the same time they were released as the net (though primitive) was around. I also wanted them very bad. So when I got the 2 dinobots and then Convoy here I was ecstatic! 
 I didn't show his beast mode in the trade post so here it is! He is a Mammoth and a shellformer. A shellformer is a term that Transformers fans call a figure that pretty much just gets tucked into the outer shell. I don't mind shellformers but many fans do as they feel it makes the robot look ugly.
 In case your wondering Big Convoy was one of many Convoy's. In fact the commander in BW II was Lio Convoy (lion) and the original leader of the autobots was Convoy! Yep in Japan Optimus Prime is Convoy! Rodimus was Rodimus Convoy and Optimus Primal was Convoy or Beast Convoy!
 So that is a quick look at Big Convoy from Beast Wars Neo! Even more toy and Pop culture topics to come!


  1. I never got into TF's after the G1 cartoon.They did ,however,always make Optimus look pretty bad ass in every one of his incarnations.

    1. Yes they did and actually though i was/am a huge g1 fan, i'm a bigger bw era fan. Just prefer beasts over cars lol!


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