top five cartoons that I am still bitter that they ended in a cliffhanger

 This week's top 5 list was actually an idea from my good friend Cassie! Many shows end before their time and in many instances it leaves unresolved story lines and major cliffhangers! Cartoons are also guilty of this. While it was rare in the 80's and before, it is becoming just as often an issue as it has always been for live action shows! These are my Top 5 choices!

 5. Voltron Force
 I know many people really disliked this version of Voltron but it was definitely a favorite of mine. The fact that it took place with teens was pretty cool. The thing that I did not like was that it ended with Daniel (the pilot of the black lion) being controlled by a mineral called Haggarium attacking hie fellow team members in his lion.

 4. 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
 This was my all time favorite incarnation of Scooby-Doo until "What's New Scooby-Doo?" came around but its still a favorite (second fave to be exact) Its also the only Scooby series other than Whats New? that I have any episodes of on dvd (unlike Whats new? I have all 13 eps of this). Basically, Scooby and Shaggy screw up by opening a chest that has ghosts in it, 13 to be exact, and now its up to them, Daphne, Scrappy, and new character Flim Flam to put them all back. Even with the addition of Vincent Van Ghoul, this show never made it past the first season and they never caught all 13 of the ghosts!

 3. Juniper Lee
 This is actually a favorite of Cassie's. She had been telling me how great it was but I never could see it because it is so rare on the net. Then I got Boomerang and discovered it on there and all but ONE episode are available. I instantly fell in love with this great show.  It is a bout a girl named Juniper who is the only human (other than her grandma and little brother Ray Ray) who can see the magic world beings. As time goes on her older brother Dennis finds out her secret and she befriends a bigfoot as well.The final episode has Juniper becoming a monster and her family have to save her! It all gets fixed in the end so why is it on this list? Because in the last seconds of the episode we see her friend Jody as she sees Juniper doing super human jumping, effectively revealing part of her secret!

 2. Thundercats (2011)
 Its not much of a secret but I am a huge fan of Thundercats (I am dreading the new series coming in case your wondering, but will give it a chance!) and I loved this version. Yes it was different but it was still good. Sadly it ended after just one season and it ended on a cliffhanger! Lion-o was betrayed by Pumyra.

 Before I show you # 1, here are some Honorable mentions that just barely missed making it on my list!

 Pirates Of Dark Water
 Like 13 ghosts this was considered due to the fact that it never got resolved and they never got rid of the darkwater.  It didn't make the list because I aready added an unfinished plot rather than cliffhanger on the list!

 Sonic AM
  I have little to say as I don't remember this one but in doing research I Found that this show had a cliffhanger. Even though I loved this series (I barely got to see it though cause in Georgia the ABC cartoons actually rarely aired.) this could not make the list because I just don't remember it.

 Spider-Man (FOX)
 The others upset me more than this one so thats why it was not on the list but yes the best Spider-Man toon EVER ended in a cliff-hanger as he never did find Mary Jane who was lost either in the multiverse or time!

  Dino-Riders is one of my all time favorite cartoons so why did it not make the list? Simply because it didn't end in a cliff-hanger not really. Its spin-off (Ice Age) did. There were 13 episodes of the original cartoon and a 14'th episode that was set mostly in the Ice Age. In the end the dino-riders that were in the ice age return to dinosaur age with a caveman and some animals. What made it a cliff-hanger was that the evil caveman leader followed and ran away. Its a shame we never saw him team with the Rulons.

and the #1 choice is Wolverine and the X-Men!

 By far my favorite X cartoon which is odd as I hate Wolverine but loved him in this as the leader. Basically Xavier is trapped in the future but communicates with the X-Men in the past and they try to fix the future which is based on "Days of Future Past!" In the end they do, sort of. That future is no more but Xavier, still in the future, now sees Cyclops and Sinister on a platform with Apocalypse and they are all in their Age of Apocalypse costumes! How I was infuriated when it got cancelled. I love the AOA and that cartoon was so good as well!

 That is it for this week, but be here next week for another top 5 list on Monday!


  1. Of the 5 that made the list I never watched 3 of them and the 4 that didn't make the list I only watched 1 of them ,I wonder if you can guess which ones I watched ;) .As I have recently started I will throw my quick list into the comment: 5 Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (I'm still angry about this Disney >:( , 4 Mighty Orbots , 3 Little Muppet Monsters (not so much a cartoon
    as a puppet show. only 3 episodes ever aired ,not so much a cliff hangers as a wtf I need more) ,2 Duckman , 1 Reboot (screams internally and wonders off mumbling "let the hunt begin")

    1. lol out of your list I only watched 1 as a kid (Duckman), saw a few episodes of another (Reboot), and only found out about and watched recently another (monsters)

  2. When I started reading I said to myself, "Pirates of Dark Water" is on this list. Then poof, there it was!

    1. Technically its an honorable mention but yeah of course its on the list, that story was all about defeating the dark water and then no conclusion. grr!

  3. I never watched a cartoon series to It's very end to know how It ended.I gradually just moved on to other cartoons and so on.I guess after the Joe animated movie,I would have liked a continuation of the show with the likes of Cobra La and the new Joe recruits.Instead we got the DIC Joe series which was pretty wack to me.

    1. While i love the DIC series more than some of Sunbow, I would have loved to see a continuation of the movie. Never made sense that we NEVER see any of them but Falcon again!

    2. I'm struggling through watching the DIC series. It's got some really bad writing.

    3. Oh I agree it does at times but it also has some of the greatest episodes (IMO) especially in season 2! My all time favorite episode (a 2 part drug episode) is from the DIC run!


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