Top 5 Prehistoric animals that I want to see in the Jurassic World toy line!

 No matter how you may feel about the movie franchise or whether the new Jurassic World is good or not, you have to admit that we are getting a lot of great Prehistoric animals in the new line from Mattel and even greater? they are mostly all in scale with the humans!

 You will notice the lack of any dinosaurs (except for one in notable mentions) that is because the ones I want are mostly either out or are coming or are rumored! These are the ones I have not even heard a peep about so without further ado:

5: Diplocaulus
 This ancient amphibian would be a great pack in with the figures. I love that arrow head looking face and have always been fascinated with him (and the Eryops) ever since I Was a kid!

 4: Smilodon
Everyone knows the smilodon and eventually Mattel will have to broaden the line, so why not the sabre-toothed cat? He is so popular that I assume he would sell.

3: Icthyosaur
 Another creature that I have been fascinated with ever since I was a kid. Many think that this marine reptile is a dinosaur but he is not. In fact no dinosaurs were strictly marine. This guy would look great with the Mosasaur and rumored Plesiosaur.

 2: Trilobite
  These would have to be pack-ins but I really want a set of trilobites that are in scale with the other figures! These things are so cool and would look awesome in a JW/JP marine display!

 If you have been following my blog for awhile then this guy should be no surprise! I have wanted an Eryops toy (a affordable one) forever. Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by this huge ancient amphibian from the Permian. This is a great time to come out with him. Plus he's in the mobile game!

 Honarable Mentions:

 The boar crocodile. This guy is in the Jurassic World mobile game (as are a lot on this list). He might not have made the list but he still would make an awesome figure. I mean look at him! He didn't make the list because the others are more important to me!

 This long knecked marine reptile actually is rumored to be coming in the line and I kept those off the list but had to give him at least a mention as I really love this creature!

 Any Sauropod
 Any sauropod would be great. We are getting mini figures of them but no in scale ones. I doubt i'd be able to afford one if it were made though and hence why it didn't make the list!

 That is it for this week, but be here for another top 5 next week!


  1. A Sabre Tooth Cat would be awesome.Although from a later time period,how about a Woolly Mammoth.

    1. A mammoth/ mastodon would rock as well, left it off as it'd probably be expensive lol.

  2. All would be fun additions. The Smilodon is tops! Count me in for a mammoth as well.

    1. I hope Mattel does give us some of these and a mammoth before all is said and done!

  3. Smilodon for sure as its one of my favorites (I have a Smilodon skull tattoo on my shoulder). Im shocked they haven't used Sarcosuchus or Purussaurus but honestly Im glad they have not because I have a deep rooted fear of crocodiles and often have nightmares about them.

    1. Hate to say it but I think thats just a matter of time until we see the crocs in either the toys or movies.


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