Top 5 Hanna Barbera action toons that should have toylines

 Welcome to my second top 5 list. Today we'll take a look at the top 5 Hanna Barbera action toons that should have toylines (or new toylines made).

 5. Galaxy Trio
  Last week I mentioned how I would love a accurate to the cartoon line and I  think these 3 (as well as the other half of the cartoon Birdman) and some of their villains would make  a great line.

 4. Teen Force
  Honestly I don;t think these would make it past a wave but the 3 teens, the 2 aliens (sold together), and the main villain would make a great wave in a "Space Stars eries that could include Speace Ghost, Herculoids, Astro and the Space Mutts, and more!

 3. Space Ghost
  He has had toys in the past but those were either based on Coast 2 coast or a 2-pack with Gleek. I think Space Ghost would be great as either a series itself or part of a space stars (based on the cartoon from the 80s.) toy line. Space Ghost could have lots of waves as his cartoon shorts look and coast 2 coast could be used as well as all of his villains and the invisible variants of him, the teens, and Gleek!

 2. Dyno-Mutt
  Dyno-Mutt has had figures but I never got them. This Scooby-Doo spin-off is one of my all time favorite cartoons and I for one would love a toy line based on this cartoon! Each wave could be Dyno-Mutt, a hero, and a villain or 2. Because of his ability to use gadgets and transform at times Dynomutt would be a great character to get variants and most could be tv accurate!

 1. Jonny Quest
  My all time favorite Hanna Barbera cartoon. I love JQ and all his spin-offs. He had a toyline once by Galoob based on the Real Adventures series (I wish I still had those) and a figure here and there but a series based on the JQ series has never been made! How great would it be to have JQ and Hadgi as kids? Jessie (from Real Adventures) as a kid (from the animated films) and Dr. Zin.

 Honorable Mentions

 This time there are more than 2 but that is because I really love my cartoons (Especially Hanna Barbera!)

 Astro and the Space Mutts
  Yes Astro from the Jetsons had a segment in "Space Stars!" He helped Space Ace (kinda) solve crimes. This didn't make the list as only one wave would have been possible in my opinion and I already had Space Stars mentioned. I would love to see these made though.

  Same as above I would love to see these made and they could be their own line or part of "Space Stars" BUT they had a line before and although only the good guys were made and they are expensive I felt that I should focus on properties without toylines based on the old cartoons.

 Secret Squirrel
  I love this cartoon but it just did not fit in my opinion. However I would love a series based on the original and its spin-off from 2 Stupid Dogs "Super Secret Secret Squirrel".

 Atom Ant
 Atom Ant would be great but as he had no real memorable foes in my opinion I feel he would be good as a pack in with someone else (Maybe Secret Squirrel?)

 That's it for this week's list but even more lists are coming every Monday!


  1. My list would probably look like :Galtar and the Golden Lance ,Jana of the Jungle ,Valley of the Dinosaurs ,Space Stars ,Herculoids

    1. Those are great choices as well. Believe it or not as big a Hanna Barbera fan I never saw Jana, probably because it is so hard to find now and never aired on Boomerang or Carton Network.

    2. I remember Jana really clearly even though when I saw it originally I was like 6 years old. It was in a block with Godzilla and Godzilla was what I was really there for lol It seems like I watched it again in the mid 80's before school in the mornings on USA with robotec and I think pacman but those shows changed around a lot.


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