Time to look at my newest Jada Nano minis and we are starting with my favorite Batman: Batman Beyond!
 Batman here looks very accurate for the toon. I am impressed on how well Jada can do in such a tiny figurine.
 That and the price (99 cents) are why I really love these and have a collection of them.
  I am amazed by ho much we are getting of Terry these days, I just wish they would do a new cartoon! The paint apps are also pretty impressive on these (though on Terry here it is minimal as he is mostly all black as he should be.) The pose is incredible as well as it invokes my memories of the classic cartoon as he did that pose from time to time (might have even done it in the intro but I do know he was in this pose in a lot of the promotional artwork and posters!)
 Here is the nano next to my 4 in version from the Batman Unlimited line. Here you can see just how small this guy is.

 That is it for today but even more is coming!