Mega Construx Command Center

 I have been wanting a command center ever since I was in High School (which was when the Power Rangers started airing).
 This one to be exact. It came with an exclusive Alpha-5 and Zordon. Sadly my parents would never get me it.
 I had to settle with a shoebox, a head I created from computer paper, and this miniature Alpha-5 figure. I had all of the series 1 and 2 minis from that line so I even had the rangers as civilians so it was cool but alas I still wanted the actual command center.

 Fast forward decades and suddenly 2 have been released in the last couple years. I stupidly passed on this
 Imaginext version and regret it greatly. I also kept passing on the Megaconstrux version. I just could not bring myself to pay $15 for this:
  It just seemed so meh.  But when I went to Toys R Us and saw it for $8 plus an additional 50% off I could not pass that up. $4 is the price of a Megaconstrux blind bag (and I pay $5 for my MegaConstrux Heroes MOTU figures)!
 So for $4 I got 3 figures, a meh playset, and Zordon!
(a look at other sets)

 Let's take a look at the figures included:

 Black Ranger:

 I assume this is Zach but of course it could also be Adam. He is  the same body as the other Rangers in this line and also has a hole in the head like the other figures. He comes with an ax that is the same ax as the one that other Megabloks/construx figures come with and looks nothing like his actual ax.

 Putty Patroller:

 Same body as the Black Ranger and also has a hole in the head. He also comes with an odd dagger like weapon. I have no clue why as they rarely if ever used weapons.

My favorite. He has the same body as the other two but his head is the awesome part.
 There is a pipe like piece that goes into the back as seen here.
 His head then connects to it. His head though is actually two Megaconstrux block pieces and I think it is a great effect and idea!

The Playset itself is a mix of Duplo like pieces and regular Megablok pieces.
 It actually does look pretty good except for one thing. (Note: I forgot to mention that that thing on the side flips a figure at another, The feature works but not great in my opinion. This did not need an action feature! End Note!)
 As you can see here you can barely see Zordon! I showed this to my case Manager and she made the same statement.
 Its a shame as you can see the Zordon piece is spectacular! It looks dead on and the marble look gives a great effect.
 Luckily I had an old TMNT vehicle that I took apart recently that used the Megablok Duplo pieces and I was able to raise Zordon. Its extremely unstable but as you can see it not only works but is a great improvement!
 Now I can have the Rangers in front and still see Zordon!

 I am glad that there were 3 figures included as I only had the Green and Pink ranger b4 this.

 That is due to after buying two blindbags and getting 2 of the 3 I wanted (I also wanted Tommy as the White Ranger) I chose to stop due to disapointment.
 First due to the hole in the heads.
 Last the body because as you can see the other figures being made at the time looked so much better (I think these might be the same bodies they have been using for the Power Rangers for a decade now in the Megabloks line and thats just lazy.)
  I have my gripes and am glad that I only paid $4 for it but I am excited and happy to add the command center to my Megabloks stuff.


  1. Dang,not bad for 4 bucks ,though.I'm kicking myself for passing on the MOTU MegaConstrux figs when they first came out.

  2. Supposedly they will be in a 5-pack withthe motu figs from wave 1-3 later this year. BUT bothe He-Man and Skeletor are supposed to be (with a few changes obviously) in a Windraider set later this year! So not too late.

  3. Ive passed on the Imaginext set at goodwill twice now , if I see it again Ill grab it.


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