Jada Nano Metals Batwoman

   When I got the Batman Beyond Nano Metalfig, I also got the Batwoman. As you can see with them together, her costume was based on Batman Beyond's costume (who had not been seen in the DC universe for some time at this point). Batwoman has another huge thing going for her: she's a lesbian! This was unheard o at the time and was BIG news! The figure itself is pretty good considering how small it is. She is now my fourth Batwoman in my collection. Bottom picture is to show scale and the Batwoman in it with the Metalfig is the Infinite Heroes Batwoman which is around 3 3/4- 4 inches!


  1. I keep thinking about getting into this jada minis because I have a few old Letterpress Tray's that they would fit in perfect but they haven't really hit on very many properties im interested in.Id like to see Hanna Barbera ,80's movies (Im not a fan of Harry Potter so those have no draw to me at all), cryptozoology, Mythology and maybe horror.

    1. I would love those to lol. I only got a couple of Potter (fantastic beasts one and a dementor) because i was getting one from each property at that time lol. but yeah no interest.


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