End of an era: my last visit to TRU!

 On the first I went to Toys R Us with Grey (Cassie) and her partner and it was definitely an emotional experience. I won't be doing reviews of what I got as those will be in future articles but will still say what I got. We were there for 2 hours. That has got to be the longest I have ever been to Toys R Us! The sales had gotten to 50% off so I got some good deals. Not surprisingly a few things I wanted were gone but that is how it is.
 As I was looking around though I saw one guy scanning everything with his phone obviously checking to see if he could sell things for a huge profit. That makes me sick but I can understand at this point of Toys R Us I mean they are closing.
 I have had huge trouble with the Ren and Stimpy blind bags and so I had Grey choose one for me and I got Ren! You'll see why I am augh on those blind bags soon as I have a post coming.
 I saw this tin of the 80's Mikey. They had others but as I collect Mikey I got it. Its regular price I would never pay even with the fact that it had candy in it. I just think $4 is way too much but $2 was not.
I got a few items from the fixture category. 2 of these (so I can do dioramas as you see in the pic) and a Halloween sign that I feel I paid to much for.
 I also finally got the 2 Deescendants dolls I wanted in a 2-pack. Considering just one is $20+ at Wal-Mart getting a 2-pack for just $20 was awesome and now I finally have Evie and Mal!
  I got this command center Mega Construx set for $4!
 Finally I have been wanting the Scooby-Doo Imaginext figures and sadly just found out about them.

 Sadly all they had was this set. My issue is that Scooby is in the trash can, sure it reenacts a scene from the original series but come on! I will do a review in October on it.

 So that was my last visit to TRU. I was quite shocked by what I got but even more shocked that I got emotional. I actually almost cried! Probably cause not only was this my second last visit (I thought my last visit was in April but Grey wanted to go and have me there) and I knew this was it for real. Its really sad as this is the end of an era. Toys R Us was the last man standing and sadly even Geoffrey had to retire someday it seems! Good bye old friend!


  1. I cant stand the "cellphone zombies" I get them in my Goodwill ,scanning every book and googling every toy because they are not good enough at their chosen profession to know whats worth buying without looking it up on a cellphone.

    1. Yeah they get on my nerves. This guy is different though as he seemed to be checking almost everything in the store.


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