Although this blog is mostly a toy blog, it is all about anything that you treasure and today we'll be looking at animals that I saw recently!

 I love animals alot and I love looking for them. On Monday I went for a walk and I saw more turtles than I have ever seen in a day before (at least 2 different species - though might have been 3!), a red Winged blackbird (first one I have seen in years), lots of Geese, vultures, and a tadpole. Not to mention a pet lizard of someone who I ran into on my walk! Was so much fun. All of the animals were found on White River, the Minnitrista, and a nature area near Minnitrista!

 All my life I wanted to see soft shell turtles! I saw  them once before but on Monday I saw lots of them sunbathing! 
This tadpole was hard to get as it (and many others) were in a algae filled wetland (you can see how bad by looking at the above turtle pic!) I was afraid I would slip when I got to the shore lol.

All in all a lot of fun and plan to go back soon and go to other Green areas so expect more pics soon!


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