Nature Walk 5-17

 Before I start let me just say sorry for my absence as I just have not been up to blog (its why I am doing another of these posts before toy posts as they are quick and easy!) I should be back to doing toy posts soon but will continue to do these kind of posts when I feel its time :) I already took pics of my "New Arrivals" and just need to do the commentary and am thinking of other ideas for posts. So stay tuned everyone.

 I went to meet my case manager at Minnitrista again and saw some great animals. I have some close-ups of turtles and can now say they are the Yellow - Eared Slider (Swampy area and youth), Softshell turtles, and possibly even other sliders an snappers but who knows! I also saw two frog species.

 I was shocked by how well I captured the waterfall in these 2 pictures.
  Sentry standing guard.
  This is the reason why (mother on her nest)
  Another goose variety with babies.
  Mallard mother with her babies.
  Cardinal not far from the swampy area. The first one I saw this year!
  Softshell turtle
  Turtle under the water.
  Chilling in the swamp.
 This next batch are me and my case manager holding a turtle. The first one is it in the swamp. I still can't believe that I hand caught it (first time I ever hand caught a turtle in water.) That algae filled water was gross and the mud was bad I thought for sure that I was going for a swim (as did my case manager.)
  After we watched it for awhile, I released it back into the water near where I grabbed it (To muddy to put it the same area so I released it a few feet away.

 Also I was disappointed that the area that I call the frog pond had no frogs last time and only saw tadpoles in the swampy area but this time I saw 3-5 frogs in the frog pond!
  They are bullfrog and the green frog (might be a leopard or pickeral though!)
 I was stoked that this actually showed! Many others did not. Its always tricky trying to capture underwater above water. This is a fish in White River. White River is a large river that goes through multiple states!

 Hope you all enjoyed these pictures as I have a lot of fun taking them! I'll be back to talking toys next week hopefully!