My First MH Doll

 To this day I treasure her and that is because this was my first ever Monster High doll, I've had her since before I left San Francisco and that was in 2013!

 That is it for today but even more is coming and as a reminder on June 1 I will be going back to our old address (the address is posted above below the logo.) It works now so you might want to change your links now as will no longer work as of Friday!


  1. my first was the origenal lagoona blue , I actually don't have my first one anymore because I sold my origenal collection of 25 dolls because I needed money fast .I still haven't replaced C.A. Cupid and I really miss that one.

    1. C.A. Cupid is one of the very few that I always wanted but never got, almost got the Ever After High one but was like it just isn't the same lol.


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