"Lets Get Disappointed!" (minor spoilers)

 SURPRISE! Special Thursday post!

 When we heard that Ducktales was being brought back fans were wondering if Darkwing Duck might return as well? Then our hopes seemed to become reality when the people behind the new Ducktales confirmed that he would indeed return.

 So imagine my excitement when I saw this familiar scene on a recent episode of Ducktales ("Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!")
  I was like oh my God this is so cool! Especially when we then see this trio!
  Then we see him!
  Then it all comes crashing down as we discover that in this version of Ducktales, Darkwing Duck is an old tv show from Launchpad's youth. What a huge bummer. I was so looking forward to seeing Gizmo Duck and DW team-up again (Gizmo was also introduced in the episode). It would also have been great to finally see the gang from Duckberg with DW finally. Ah well maybe later.

 However all in all they did do Darkwing and company justice in their few minutes on screen. They have the current animated style but still look like themselves (unlike many of the Ducktales characters.) What really made me take notice was the voices. Megavolt was voiced by a different person (but sounded dead on), but the other two who spoke (Darkwing Duck and Quackerjack) were the original voices. This is HUGE considering that the only voices to return from the original Ducktales series were Donald Duck and someone else that was only a guest then (and now).
  The rest of the episode was pretty great as we are introduced to Gyro's assistant Fenton Carkshell. In the original he was Scrooge's accountant so this made sense. Also in the original Scrooge knew his idenity as did Fenton's mom. In this one Gyro, one of the triplets (forget who now lol) and Launchpad know.
 All in all a really great episode and I would recommend it to any fan of Gizmo Duck or Darkwing Duck. Just a little disappointed in DW duck being a tv show and very little chance of a crossover.