5 properties i'd like to see in funko's Savage World line!

 Welcome to my first ever 5 list. Every week I will do one and they will be anything media, animal, toys, etc. This week I decided to do a 5 list to properties that I would like to see in Savage World. I will say that I got this particular list idea from Brother Midnight!

 5. Mightor
  Mightor would fit right in as he would look great in the He-Man style. I just hope they would make Rok (the kid) look like a kid and Mightor's alternate Identity Tor should be just as muscular as Mightor so it would feel like vintage MOTU lol.

 4. Thundarr
  Others have mentioned how these would be great in the vintage MOTU style and I would have to agree with them! How great would it be to have Thundarr and friends teaming with the Masters?

 3. Bravestarr
  Brother Midnight mentioned this one and I think it would be awesome. Mostly because both Bravestarr and MOTU were Filmation so having them in the same style would be pretty cool. Not that the originals weren't cool but Bravestarr was so much bigger than most lines of that time.

 2. Tigersharks
  Another one that Brother Midnight chose but again I agree with 100%! I never knew of Tigersharks until recently so I have only seen the few episodes that are circling youtube and other areas! I think it was a great toon and honestly think the characters would look awesome alongside the others in this style!

 1. Silverhawks
  I LOVE this toon but never owned (and sadly still do not) any of the figures! I think these (minus vac metal but metallic looking paint might work) would be a perfect addition to "Savage Worlds!"

 The next 2 are honorable mentions and did not make the list for various reasons.

 Galaxy Trio
  They didn't make it simply because the others seem like better canidates. Also I am not sure if I would like Vapor Man with the bulky He-Man body. Sure they would fit but I think I Would rather have them in a more faithful line.

 Universal Monsters
  I agree with Brother Midnight that they would be cool and I would love a Creature/Gillman but after seeing the Horror Icons coming (Freddy and Pinhead below) I have a feeling that they would look bad.
 Well thats it for this week but be ready for another list next week!  Plus as a reminder, we are returning to our old address of collectorsuniverse.blogspot.com on June 1, please change any bookmarks Thank You.


  1. Replies
    1. Only because lets be honest they would look bad in this style however I would LOVE a new Herculoids line. Spoiler: they didn't make next week's list either sadly but at least get a mention.

  2. Im not sure how silverhawks would work out because they all had gimmick action features

    1. They don't need them just make them look like the characters in the MOTU style and add metallic paint boom Silverhawks. I mean lots of the toys in our era had gimmicks but they are not that important in collector lines.


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