I originally planned to post this Saturday BUT since I have not been feeling well again and been depressed (I am ok now) I decided to post this today so that I can stay on schedule! The Shelfie's should be starting tomorrow!

These are things that I have gotten over the last 4 months or so. A couple I am not sure if I have shown off yet or not).
Five Below:
Darth Vader (Rogue One, Hasbro):
 As of the last year, Five Below has been a great spot for me to get missing pieces to my collection. Shockingly I had NO Darth Vader in action figure form (except for a micro machine figure). So I was delighted to find him a couple months ago at Five Blow for $5. He is 5 POA but I think h's pretty cool. His firing weapon comes with a red effect (see pic above) and makes for a great force effect as it can slip on his hand. He came with his lightsaber as well but had misplaced it so I gave him the female Inquisitor's lightsaber instead. I have since found it BUT think he looks cooler with her lightsaber.
"Rebels" Princess Leia (Rogue One, Hasbro):
 Ok this one I have had for quite some time, so much so that I am not sure if I got her at Five Below or Target (on clearance before Last Jedi). I threw her in here as I have seen her at five below. At the time I got her I had no Leia's. Now I have 2 others (one thanks to Brother Midnight in a trade.) I like having her and you will see where I threw her in my "shelfie" picks this week (which the rest of the week will most likely be!) I am not a huge fan of this version but she looks great with my small Rebels collection.
"Rebels" Captain Rex (Force Awakens, Hasbro):
 I love the character of Rex and looked for him when he was released but never saw him, so imagine my glee and surprise when I found him at Five Below! This is the older, chubbier version from Rebels and I love how it gives a unique body to the universe (like the Gamorean guard and Rancor Keeper did in the original trilogy!)
"Rebels" Villain Two-Pack (Rogue One, Hasbro):
 I found this for the same price as the singles at Five Below! I was pretty happy as I wanted an Inquistor and a Maul! This version of Maul is how he looked in Rebels and the Inquistor is the one that Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) voiced!

Chewie (Pez):
 Not much to say about this one, its a Chewbacca Pez despenser lol.
Indiana Jones (Indians Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hasbro):
 Ok so I cheated here. Indy might not be from Star Wars BUT I put both him and a villain from his movies in my Star Wars collection. Why? Well Indy is Harrison (Han Solo) Ford so I think he looks great with Han and like Star Wars, Indy is from Lucasfilm and owned by Disney! So it makes sense and they look better there than the misc toy shelf.

  I, like others, have no idea why they (Hasbro) chose to do these two versions of the characters instead of the costumes they wore in most of the movie. Han's outfit was from the end of the film and Leia's was worn what five minutes if that? I picked these up cause I missed out on the 5 POA Force Awakens Solo and wanted one and could never find the Last Jedi Leia (in fact in my area we NEVER got anyone past wave one except for Obi-Wan and Yoda and I only ever saw those once). Truthfully Hasbro messed up Last Jedi 5 POA so bad! 
 Anyway I hinted at these last week. I got them for $4 and they are my first SA Star Wars Black 3.75 figures and I am so disappointed as they do not feel like they are worth $13 (the regular retail price). Everyone says how great this series is but truthfully I think the 5 POA are MUCH better. At least in comparison to the 2 I got. I will have to get another SA to be sure. I do have better articulated figures from before they went to 5 POA again and those are pretty good BUT honestly I feel those are to articulated. 5 POA however are not articulated enough. some elbow bends and then wrist swivel for the Jedi and Sith are all that is really needed in my opinion.
Han Solo SA (Star Wars Black, Hasbro):
 I said alot already now I do like the costume and I might put the Wampa coming out Friday with him.
Leia Organa SA (Star Wars Black, Hasbro):
 Well. that is it for today. Tomorrow should begin my Star Wars Week shelfie's!