Shelfie: The Rest!

Time for the last of my Star Wars Week shelfie's as I look at the bottom two shelves of my Star Wars display! 
 Let's start with the bottom shelf or as I call my Food shelf since it is all food or food premiums!
  I took a look at the tins yesterday so I will skip them, but there are a lot of other goodies here! R2 is a candy despenser that makes sounds. I got it at Wal-Mart a couple years ago but it was there last year as well during Christmas! Yoda was from a candy egg. BB-8 I assume is from food premiums as I got it at a thrift store and know nothing about it. The X-Wing is a kids meal toy. Vader is a candy dispenser and I showcased Chewie the Pez dispenser earlier in the week!
  Both Leia and Mace are food premiums.
 Now we can see my cans of soup and Darth Peanut M&M figurine from M&M's Dark Chocolate Star Wars promotion!
 The last items on this shelf are 3 more food premiums: Millennium Falcon, Chewie in At-At, and a Vader clip! 
 On the floor right next to the shelf is my Galactic Heroes Milenium Falcon. In it are various figures from the Playskool Star Wars collections (Galactic Heroes and Playskool Heroes). Here you can seeJawa, and R2 on the top and Obi-Wan teaching Anakin on the next level!
 Finally you see a couple speeder vehicles, Captain Phasma ready to kill Rey as Rey tries to pilot the Falcon!
 Here is what most of you have probably been wanting to see: My Misc Star Wars shelf!
 This is where I keep anything that I don't have anywhere else! 

Up first are the Villains! The shortlived Hero MAshers line was meh but thanks to Goodwill I have an Anakin from it. He was missing his legs (had the feet) so he is sporting Iron Man's legs. Behind him are Star Wars Black figures and a Disney Store Metal figure. PRototype Boba Fett is a favorite of mine and I have had him ever since I saw him at Walgreens (he was their exclusive) and WAS my very first Star Wars Black figure! Scouttrooper with Speeder bike I got years ago at Toys R Us when it was clearanced. I mentioned a couple days ago I really love the speeders in Star Wars. I have it in 3 forms (Playskool - see above, 3 3/4 Force Awakens, and this one!) Next to him is the First Order Judicial Trooper which I got from The Toy Box earlier this year. He is a Disney Store exclusive and love him so much!
 Up front are the heroes: Obi-Wan, Luke, BB-8, and Rey!
 Here are my Star Wars erasers with a few Star Wars Angry Birds!
  The Bantha Tracks patch I also got from the Toy Box, thanks again!
Some misc stuff: A clone trooper, a Y-Wing (I believe) from Titanium, a Tie Fighter, Ewok foam figure things, Zeb, and an Attacktix (my only one yet) Clone trooper! 
Well, that is it. Kidding! These are the only 2 vintage figures I have in my collection from Star Wars (though technically the Power of the Force II figures are pretty close to being vintage as well at this point in time! I had these as a kid and am so happy to have them again. Thanks go to Brother Midnight, who I got these from in trades!

Thus ends What might be the last Star Wars Week! I'll probably only do a post next week and then get back on schedule the following week! Hope you enjoyed this year's Star Wars week!


  1. Glad the patch found a good home!

  2. I like what you did with the Campbell soup cans!Do you ever get tempted to crack one of those suckers open?I would If I got hungry enough.

    1. Not anymore since most are past date (even though they are still good)


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