Masters Of The Universe Day!

 Well today is once again "Masters of the Universe" Day and I obviously wanted to do a post. Also as true Alexis, I forgot all about it until I saw The Toy Box's post!
 For this year I decided to show quick images of some of my MOTU displays. I forgot to get my Funko items or my Loyal Subject items (the Loyal Subjects ones are on the wall next to this display so I feel dumb forgetting them) and my Megaconstrux ones are not currently in a display as I am reworking the Megabloks/Megaconstrux area!

 Here is a quick look at my 200X/ MOTU Classics display! I will do better and more in detail pics later on for a shelfie post!

  The reason for MOTU day is that back in 1987, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley decreeded that April 28 would be "Masters of the Universe" day!
  Here you can see my "Viking" Buzz-Off who works for Skeletor, Evil Lynn, Dragstor, and Mantenna! In front of them is Mattel slime from the "Female" Ghostbusters line!
 Interesting note: I had forgotten that Evil Lynn's scepter/wand glowed in the dark and so it shocked me when I saw it! Lol.
  Beast Man, Stinkor, Whiplash, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, and Webstor!
  Zoar (Sorceress in the cartoon!)
 Buzz-Off, Man-At-Arms (Duncan), Stratos, Stonedar, Roboto, and of course He-Man! 

 Interesting Note: Out of the figures I currently have, I had all of them as a kid except for: Buzz-Off, Stinkor, Webstor, and Dragstor! I was not allowed to have Mossman OR Stinkor due to their "scented" action features for some reason lol!
  Here is a group shot of the shelf itself which includes TMNT, Thundercats, and Real Ghostbusters as well!

 Interesting Note: I got all but one of these figures from my friend Cassie , Goodwill (while I was with Cassie except for Stratos which I found at Goodwill by myself) and trades with Brother Midnight!

 That is it for today but I'll be back next week with even more posts about toys and pop culture! Until then, as they say on Eternia: "Good Journey!"


  1. Great looking collection! Im just a little over half way from having the entire vintage collection with most of the most expensive ones left to get lol

  2. That's a sweet looking collection of He-Man figs! I didn't know Evil-Lyn's scepter glowed in the dark. Wonder if mine does.

    1. Yeah it startled me when I turned the lights on and laid in bed (as its in my bedroom) and saw this thing glowing lol!

  3. when I turn off the lights in my room it looks like a galaxy with all the glow in the dark stuff lol

    1. I bet it looks cool. My collection room looks like that as most of my G-I-D items are in their!


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