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 After a lot of soul searching I have decided to change my blog. As of today I will be becoming a book blogger. Its just that my love for books has just become so great and I just need to put all my disposable income into that and not toys!
 All this week I will be focusing on my all time favorite author...

Dr. Craven Seuss
 He is such a great writer. He wrote such greats as "A Nightmare on Grinch Street", "Dracula Hears a Who", and of course "Scream It's The Cat In The Hat!"
 First up I will review the classic that I am pretty sure was ghostwritten and not by Craven himself as it seems a little weirder than his other classics. In "Are You My Mother", Jason Vorhees searches for his mother and kills people who are not her. Such a wonderful children's story! Brought a tear to my eye as I read this story that showed the sadness of a boy trying to find out who he is and that twist ending! Wow! I give it 4 out of 5 skulls!
 All in all pretty great but as I said earlier it feels more like a story from a writer known as Miller than Craven. That is it for today but remember.... TODAY is


Tomorrow I return to toy posts! See you all then!


  1. I was like - what the heck - but you got me. Nicely played.

    1. lol. I had this joke planned for quite some time. It actually helped that I Forgot to do one last year so it is more unexpected. :D


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