BEHIND THE SCENES of NEW Castle Destro Display

 I thought since I was in the middle of re working my displays (and therefore not ready to do any shelfies except for Star Wars Week next week), that I would do a rare look into the behind the scenes of my display working. In other words give a preview.
 This box shows my Joes and misc 3.75 figures that will be placed on the shelf under Castle Destro (which now that display will be mostly Cobra.) Debating on if i'll use the Arasikage tatoo on the display at all yet.
 Here are most of the figures (minus the water parts) of the Castle Destro diaplay itself!
 These two will be hung up next month as I forgot to buy string or fishing line this month lol
 Here's Kara investigating like she normally does. Heck she usually knocks everything over right before i'm done lol.
 And here it is the sneak peek of the actual display! you can tall that I am once again using felt and the display now has THREE levels not  counting the levels in the castle! This includes a ocean display and an under the ocean display! I am still trying to figure out how to make the under the ocean display to look just right, but overall I am liking how it is developing!
 If your a member of the Toy Disorderly forums if your not, why not? It's a lot of fun there) you probably already saw this sneak peek of my entire toy room's new look (full reveal coming soon)!
 That's it for today but until next time, here's a pic of Kara rolling on the floor while I was taking pictures for this post!


  1. Recommendation - Put the Put the Arasikage tats on your snow shovel (near the handle) and have the baddest snow shovel on the block.

    1. Funny you say that,Toy Box,I'm thinking about getting some plastic ties and binding a Marvel Titans figure to my lawnmower this summer.Coolest lawnmower on the block?Looking good Alexis,lots of fodder you got there ;)

    2. Damn, dude! I'd let you mow my lawn every week with that bad boy.


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