Ads From The Past - Volume Number Three : TMNT Edition!

 I have been holding on to this post for weeks. Like the Kinder Eggs one, it got lost under the other posts I was working on! This is the final "Ads From The Past" article as any future posts of this kind will be filed under my "It Came From...." series! 

 Today we will be looking at some totally radical ads featuring those turtles in a halfshell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
 First up is the first NES game from Ultra! I remember this game and t was a lot of fun!  However let us look at the ad! Raphael is coming out of the sewer in someone's living room where he mentions the Game Boy game as well. Let me say that although the ad looks awesome, WHO WOULD HAVE A MANHOLE IN THEIR LIVING ROOM? lol!
 This game I don't remember but thought I shared the ad as well! I like how they are making us think that the mutated form of the Arcade machine is it becoming available for the NES!
 By far the BEST of the Turtle games in my opinion! Turtles in Time combined two of my favorites: Time travel and the Turtles! This game was loads of fun and I remember sitting in my bed room playing it for hours on end! I think the only others I played as much on the SNES were "Mario Paint", Mario Kart", and "Mario World!"
 Last up is this old cereal ad! I loved these old licensed cereals, they always seemed better than the boring others lol! I love how they are using the Pizza Thrower (ones of the only vehicles that I had in this line - I also had the module the villains used).

 That is it for this series and next time I revisit old ads it will be in the return of my "IT CAME FROM...." series.


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