A couple of Star Wars Candy Container Tins!

  This is just a quickie as I wanted to get this done close to on time! These are a couple Star Wars tins that I got way back when "Force Awakens" came out! I found them at Target AND have seen them since then as well during the Force events. They had candy in them shaped like r2 and a storm trooper. The candy is long gone but the tins are a part of my collection now.

That is it for today, tomorrow I finish off with the last shelfies. I didn't get everything done so I might do a Misc Star Wars post next month to showcase my other Star Wars items and will probably do a Micro Machines/ Hot Wheels post on May 4!

Also remember today the new Star Wars figures should hit shelves, I won't be going out but I hope those that are find what your looking for!