Welcome back to business as usual as we return to my "Shelfie" Series! I decided to start with this one (even though I have hown most if not all of these figures before) as I was about to tear this display apart to rearrange a few things and thought that I should showcase it first! It did have my Nintendo figures on it as well but I had removed Mario and company before I decided to take these pictures!
  Here you see the most expensive Hotwheel I ever bought at $5 (Ect0-1), my only Titans Vinyl figure (Ecto-1), a $1 Slimer hotwheel, a Ghost symbol flash drive/eraser, and 4 erasers!
  Here are the 3 ghosts from the Ghostbusters revamp movie. Plus Ray from Diamond Select that I bought at TRU (😾 ) last year! I have all 3 of the basic ghosts from this line but never could find the Staypuft repaint from the original Ghostbusters movie that was a Wal-Mart exclusive!
  Here are my Ecto-Minis. I will admit that to get all 4 of the original Ghostbusters I did cheat and use the codes.
 Lastly are the GB reboot figures, purple slime (with Ms. Slimer) and the subway/ghost trap playset from the Ecto Minis.

 That is it for today but even more to come, including lots of stuff that I never have shown before!


  1. You know, I said it when I visited George's site a while ago, and I'll say it again;

    When I see stuff like this it makes me wish I was a bigger Ghostbuster fan than I am.

    1. lol, I am a big GB fan and that year was awesome to get GB stuff cheap lol.

  2. That's an awesome shelf.All I'm really after as far GB's goes are the vintage Kenner figs.

    1. Yeah I am after those and the Treadmasters Extreme Ghostbusters. I have a few RGB's but they are in my bedroom on my vintage shelf and not the GB one. (Skeleton Cop and two ghost sidekicks)


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