Lion Guard

 I am a fan of the Lion Guard on Disney Jr. Lion Guard is a spin-off of the Lion King and takes place during the events of Simba's Pride (Lion King II). In it, his up til now unknown son Kion is chosen to become the new leader of the Lion Guard, a group of lions that guards the Pride Lands. Kion chooses a group of non lions and by the end of the pilot proves they are the right choice for the Lion Guard. What makes it even more interesting is the revelation that Scar was the leader of the Lion Guard once!

 So not long ago I was able to not only finish the team with the bird Ono but got 2 new enemies (jackals) and a member of the Pride lands (Zebra). I got the cobra on Christmas in my annual opening of blind bags that I buy for Christmas. I had the other 4 members for some time now.
  The Complete Lion Guard
 That is it for now, even more posts coming soon, I have been pretty sick (still am) so that is the reason for the lack of new posts as of late!