Figure Spotlight: ICE SNAKE WARRIOR

 The last of two figures I created with other parts from MOTU Classics figures back in 2014!

My Made-Up Bio:

 In the ancient days of Preternia the vicious race of the Snake Men were banished into a realm called the Snake Pit within the walls of Snake Mountain by the cosmic Enforcers! However centuries before this day, they ruled supreme. In fact many different species were born including the Ice Snakes. They were even more vicious than the ones who would later be ruled by Hiss. In fact they were thought of as failed experiments by the Unnamed One. They would later be thought to be extinct but one Ice Snake Warrior was later found in the ice by Icer and soon taken to Skeletor who has since kept him on ice until the day comes that he can use him in his goals to overthrow Randor and take Castle Grayskull!